Our roads are crumbling. So we let them flourish …

I had a wonderful email from Udo Reichle-Röber last week, entitled “Our roads are crumbling. So we let them flourish …” It seems another keen pothole gardener has popped up, this time in Northern Germany.

Have a look at his great little gardens and some of the attention he has been receiving.



Here’s his great little video.

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Some happy little gardens from Happy Valley!

These lovely little gardens were sent to me recently from Hong Kong. They were part of TEDXHappyValley, and were part of a micro series which included a MicroVillage, some MicroDesign, a selection of MicroGraphics, a MicroTalk and a MicroInstallation.

The series momentarily transformed a colourful lane way in Tai Hang into micro-galleries. A small part of the community who were initially grumpy at the installation, are now loving it and want it to remain there!







I understand a local builder has now taken to watering the pothole gardens!

For more information on the installation check out TEDXHappyValley.

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ANZAC day garden

A new little installation has just been sent to me by some keen gardeners in New Zealand, this time to remind passerby’s of the significance of ANZAC day. What a wonderful idea.

Anzac Day pothole garden

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A wee washing line in New Zealand!

While National Gardening Week kicks off this week in the UK, here is a lovely little garden I’ve just been sent all the way from New Zealand!

It was created near a footpath in Otaki. Love the little washing basket and mini pegs, thanks for sending it to me.

Pothole garden - NEW ZEALAND


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Blue Monday…

The weather recently hasn’t exactly been enticing for pothole gardening (although last year I braved the snow for a little white garden).

However the wintery conditions didn’t deter the 1001 Club from a spot of pothole gardening recently – check out their great pics!






Today is officially the most depressing day of the year (who am I to argue with Wikipedia). However, did you know recent City and Guilds research found those working in horticulture to be the happiest in their jobs? Today the RHS are promoting careers in Horticulture. Check out their site for more information.

Here’s my little film Holes of Happiness (just in case you missed it) that might cheer you up today :)

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Merry Christmas!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little festive garden, would it?

I created this little garden in London Fields, complete with everything you need at Christmas time: presents, a TV, crackers, Christmas stockings, decorations, a Yule Log and of course a Christmas Tree.

I also wanted to remind people that some people do it rough at Christmas, why not support a charity like SHELTER this festive season.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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