A little wonder all the way from Ghent…

Check out this wonderful little garden, sent to my by Hans Peter von Transslyvanien.



Keep those gardens coming.

I’ve had a number of emails asking about new gardens – don’t worry I’ve been getting my fingers dirty and I’ll post some pictures soon. I’ve also got a new little project launching on the Pothole Gardener shortly, so stay tuned…


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A lovely day for a bike ride…

It’s perfect bike riding weather at the moment in London, don’t you think? On my recent gardening adventure with Arte TV, I created this wee garden on Shoreditch High Street.


I received this wonderful little garden all the way from Glenlyon, a tiny town in Central Victoria, Australia. Thank you so much to the team at The Gardens of Glenlyon for sending it through! I wonder who wears those wee little clothes…a copy of Isabelle Palmers’ new book, The House Gardener is on it’s way down under.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 21.25.16

Keep those pothole gardens coming…

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Adding some pinks to Redchurch Street…

Fancy a little sit down in the sunshine?


It had a narrow escape early on…


It’s alive and well so if you’re in the area go and have a look.

As spring time is the most exciting time of year to get your fingers dirty in the garden (no matter where you plan to do it) I’ve got a signed copy of Isabelle Palmers’ new book, The House Gardener to give away for one lucky pothole gardener!

Take some inspiration from some of these wonderful gardens that have been sent to me from all over the world and get gardening, send me some pics, I’ll post them here on the blog and I’ll send one lucky gardener a book! It even popped up in my garden…


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The little things on Valentine’s Day…


After finding some seasonal blooms at New Covent Garden Market (and meeting Bob, one of the stars of their annual calendar),  I found this little pothole in Vauxhall ripe for some gardening to share the love this Valentine’s Day.


For those of you who follow my work, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in the little things – “it’s those little gestures that can make a big difference”. I wanted to share this great little film from Time To Change, a mental health charity.

What little gesture could you make today to make a big difference?

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German and Canadian Pothole Gardens…

This angleic little garden was sent to me yesterday from Osterburg, Germany – thanks Katrin!



And the Canadian pothole gardener who has been causing quite a stir sent me this great shot!


These will appear on the pothole garden map of the world. Thanks guys!

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