My partners in crime.

First thing’s first. I need partners in crime – plants that is. So, a trip to London’s famous Columbia Road Markets is in order in today’s truly glorious sunshine.

Columbia Road Markets

Columbia Road Markets

The markets were packed. In fact, I’ve never seen it so busy! As I hunted for my first plants, I want to keep in mind my gardens need to short…there will be no tall plants in my pothole gardens as they’ll have an even shorter life! Also, they need to be colourful; I need to find plants that are in flower, that are striking, that will get peoples attention. And, of course they need to be hardy.

Hardy Dianthus...we'll see how hardy you really are...

Browsing through all the wonderful plants, I notice the Dianthus’s – the sign makes me laugh – I wonder how hardy this Dianthus really is…I think they are perfect, low, bright and hardy. And cheap. I will create one pothole garden from the Dianthus and I’ll create another one with primarily bulbs.

My partners in crime

After looking at loads and load of variety of Daffodils, I finally come across these glorious little White flowers…While they are quite plain on their own, I figure coupled with some yellow daffodils, they could be quite striking. The white will contrast nicely with the black tar around them and also, their simplicity and vulnerablity struck me, so I grabbed a bunch of them for my 2nd pothole garden.


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