2nd Dig

Here are some pics from my second dig on Saturday. Another glorious spring day inspired this little pink creation on the corner of Cremer St. and Hackney Road. A few amused passer bys gave us some smiles, and the garden lasted a few hours brightening up a few peoples day at least!

Thanks to fellow gardeners Lisa and Pete for their help 🙂

The site for Dig 2


The finished pothole garden!

Dig 2 - Cremer Street


4 thoughts on “2nd Dig

  1. Read your article this morning on the Metro! Good for you, makes the streets look much brighter.

    I also read that you were un-employed. Im looking for a gardener and noticed you lived in North London. Well so do I and im desperate for a quick revamp of mine.

    If your interested email me.

    All the Best and good luck on your quest in turning the cracked streets of london into Que Gardens. lol


  2. Очень жалко, что по таким милым цветочкам будут проезжаться автомобили 😦 Во что они после этого превратятся? Цветы не жалко, а? Они же все-таки живые…

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