Thank you for your kind words!

I was quite surprise yesterday to see my blog in the Evening Standard! Here’s the article…

Evening Standard


14 thoughts on “Thank you for your kind words!

  1. You were also in the Metro this morning. It’s a great idea and I particularly like the daffodils with the little chair by them…

    Keep it up!

  2. Just to say you was also in The Sun this morning. I think what your doing is brilliant, we could certainly use some pot hole gardens where I live. Love all the pictures.

    Love the work.

  3. Having come back from Glasgow recently I can testify that they could definitely do with you up there! Keep up the good work Steve:)

    • Спасибо за ваши добрые слова. Жаль, что дороги в России не лучше. И мне жаль, что мой русский не лучше! Присоединяйтесь к нам на форуме и тоже принимайте участие в партизанском садоводстве. Держите меня в курсе;) The Pothole Gardener (Садовод-Партизан)

  4. We’ve got lots of potholes in Malta. Actually our government resurfaced all the roads that the pope travelled on during his visit here last weekend so maybe your government will do the same when he comes to England later this year. Anyway you’re very welcome to visit Malta if you run out of potholes.

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