Guerrilla Gardening heros…

The past few days have been fairly hectic, to say the least! I’ve managed to get 2 gardens dug, and I’ve also been sent some links I wanted to post up on the blog.

I got a comment on the blog from Richard Reynolds (the godfather of Guerrilla Gardening) that was really positive about my work and I have been feeling quite chuffed ever since. He also pointed me towards some other keen Guerrilla Gardeners of note. The concept of pothole gardening goes back quite a while – the earliest example being a class in the states and also Shannon Spanhake and others have been flexing their green fingers in potholes too. Another great project in Dublin is happening here…

Guerrilla Gardening is all about getting out there, doing something, getting your hands dirty and creating something that improves the space you live in. So go on, get involved and if you need some inspiration, check out the pictures on my blog (mostly taken by Al) or head to the forums here! If you send me some photos of your work I might post them here on the blog.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine (and hunt for a couple more potholes).

Oh, and I was sent this beauty earlier in the week from Kathy. She describes it as a ‘Surrey Special’…

'Surrey Special' sent in by Kathy


8 thoughts on “Guerrilla Gardening heros…

  1. Steve:

    I read about your initiative in Dublin City’s MetroHerald last week, and was very impressed. What an innovative and clever approach to solving an issue in today’s society. I hope your idea inspires others to get creative when faced with a problem.

    Melissa Strange
    Dublin, Ireland

  2. Mr. Wheen,
    Just saw read about your beautification project on the Drudge Report. Hope to get this comment in before your site crashes, as such things are bound to happen once it’s posted on Drudge. Heh, heh… Thanks so much for brightening up the world!

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