Living Streets

In Today’s intermittent sunshine Rabea, Fred and Magnus joined me on my latest dig, well digs – we planted 3 little numbers. I don’t want to reveal all the pics from the digs just yet – but I did want to post a taster below, just snapped on my iphone.

In many ways, this blog is about bringing the streets to life. If you enjoy this blog and the photographs, why not think about donating to Living Streets? It’s a charity who work to create better streets and whose campaigning and policy work relies strongly on individual donations. I’m sure they’d be grateful for any amount of money people can contribute. You can learn more here, or donate directly here.

Dig 10

Dig 11


6 thoughts on “Living Streets

  1. that’s unfortunate. if i run across it, i’ll tear it out so that it doesn’t cause me to crash or get run over by a car while i’m biking.

  2. OMG!! I am a bicyclist in the US and potholes make me fear for my life. I lovingly tend my windowboxes and fantasize about having my own garden someday. I have never thought of combining these two, but you did!

    I LOVE what you are doing, it is so practical, beautiful, and humorous! Way to turn something dangerous into something delightful and beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Lovely idea! I think you should come to Pittsburgh cause we have the most potholes in the world.
    I love that you photograph them after planting.
    Keep up the good work.

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