Getting dirty for down under…

I blogged recently about my chat with Ryk Goddard on ABC Radio. After our discussion, I agreed to create a little garden for Ryk with an Australian theme. After some searching I managed to find some Kangaroo Paw in London…it’s harder than you might think!

Ryk also discussed Hobart’s Phantom Knitter with me, a lovely project that’s got plenty of press over the past few months.

Well The Phantom Knitter posted me the cuttest little piece of knitting, which I found a home for in Trafalgar Square this morning.

Here’s a little video we made of our antics and a couple of pics. Enjoy!

The Aussie garden…

And The Phantom Knitter goes global!

I also recently submitted a post to My City Is – check it out, it’s a great little project (even though I might be a little biased!)

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