A royal visitor…

I was hoping to create a royal pothole garden to celebrate the arrival of the queen in Canberra, Australia (you may have seen the garden I created to celebrate the royal wedding earlier this year). But alas, Canberra’s roads are in such good shape I couldn’t actually find a decent pothole!

I was did see the queen this morning though, at Canberra’s Floriade festival of flowers. She arrived by boat and we even got a wave, much to the delight of the crowd who’d gathered to see her.

I visited Floriade recently to get some ideas for some new gardens, here are a few of my snaps.

Here’s the garden Kate and I created for the royal wedding recently!

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One thought on “A royal visitor…

  1. Hi Steve, love your work. I’m surprised you couldn’t find a decent pot hole in Canberra though, I know of some beauties. But they’re on major roads so probably not that safe when trying to plant a garden in one.

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