Let it snow!

London was covered in a thick blanket of snow overnight, not exactly perfect gardening weather. But hey, this is London and you can’t let the weather get the better of you, right?

What are the ideal props for a little snow garden I hear you ask. Mini skis and a sled, of course.

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PS Thanks for all the positive comments write-ups over the past couple of weeks, especially the wonderful Kate McAuley from i-am-not-a-celebrity.


10 thoughts on “Let it snow!

  1. aaaw this is adorable i have watch the other tiny gardens of you, but this is so sweet and cute because it’s right in the snow.LOL well done.
    i love your work, and the blog, keep on;-D
    You made me smile;-D

  2. Hi,my name is Meiko.
    I’m Japanese, I found this weblog at twitter.
    Your gardening is very good!!
    It is beautiful, and make us happy.
    thank you!

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