Your pothole gardens

Recently I’ve been sent some photos of wonderful pothole gardens and I’ve been meaning to post them. It’s great to see potholes from all around the world getting some love!

In the run up to the release of The Little Book of Little Gardens, I’ve been given a few goodies to giveaway (such as a 50 quid voucher from Groupon) to some of the creators of the gardens sent to me. Get out there and create some moments of happiness, take a picture and send it to me! You’ll be surprised at how good it feels. I might even send you a copy of My book…

The Lemonade Learners sent me this one created in Sydney:

Here is a series of gardens created in Holland by Rob van Eeden:

And ABC Radio Tasmania are currently running a Pothole Garden treasure hunt and they created this video!

Keep them rolling in!

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5 thoughts on “Your pothole gardens

  1. I LOVE what you are doing for “all” of us with your pothole garden. I would like to try and do this but since I don’t know much about gardening, I need tips. Do I purchase any kind of soil and I assume any little plant that grows in our area? Small trickets is not issue. How oten do I water it etc….sorry but I want to be successful. We have some potholes in this area that would benefit from some kindness. Thanks! Ninfa…Texas

  2. We are VERY excited to see OUR garden on THE pothole gardener’s website! Thank you for posting it. We are planning another very special pothole garden. In Australia it is Fight Dementia week from 21 September, and we are planning a special themed garden to help raise awareness. Thanks again for inspiring us!

  3. I love the idea you presented here. It´s simple but stunning. I definitely think that people should be more aware about their surroundings. And this is a great way how to make them think. I wish people would stop hurrying and would rather look around and pay more attention to the nature. I´m trying to get people interested in the sharing gardens project in Canada. I hope this way people can learn to appreciate the nature more. But I definitely should try to warm them up this way.

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