Some happy little gardens from Happy Valley!

These lovely little gardens were sent to me recently from Hong Kong. They were part of TEDXHappyValley, and were part of a micro series which included a MicroVillage, some MicroDesign, a selection of MicroGraphics, a MicroTalk and a MicroInstallation.

The series momentarily transformed a colourful lane way in Tai Hang into micro-galleries. A small part of the community who were initially grumpy at the installation, are now loving it and want it to remain there!







I understand a local builder has now taken to watering the pothole gardens!

For more information on the installation check out TEDXHappyValley.

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3 thoughts on “Some happy little gardens from Happy Valley!

  1. These are amazing, I can’t believe that I haven’t come accross anythiung like this before. What a great way to get rid of some of them unsightly potholes and pavement crevices! Thanks for sharing. Tweeted and shared!

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