Autumnal happenings

I’ve been sent some super sweet gardens over the past week or so.

Raven Forest sent me this wonderful series complete with some adorable tiny people (and hedgehog!)!



And the staff at Garden Lamposts have been busy, with this pothole inspired installation!

our pothole garden by Garden lamp post company staff

pothole garden by Garden Lamp Post company

Keep sending me your pothole gardens so I can help spread the love!

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5 thoughts on “Autumnal happenings

  1. Hello Steve,
    I am Mikio Ito, a Japanese editor. I’m writing an article about your gardening activity. Japanese high school students read it to
    study English. I want to borrow your gardening photos. Can I use your photos on your blog?
    My email address is I want you to send me your reply.
    Sincerely Regards,
    Mikio Ito

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