Hurry up spring…

As we make our way through the depths of winter (although to be fair it hasn’t been too terrible in London this winter) I thought I’d post a few recent pictures and cinemagraphs…




More gardens are on their way shortly…I’ll blog them, but also will share them first on Garden Tags (just like Instagram for gardeners) so check it out if you’re green fingered! (I’m @potholegardener)

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A Pothole Garden for Nepal

My latest little garden is to help raise awareness of the DEC appeal for Nepal.

The DEC represents top UK charities, and so far has raised over £50 million for the Nepalese people.

People from all around the world are showing their support for the Nepalese people by creating their own Mandala’s, which have deep spiritual meaning in the areas worst hit by the earthquake. Here are some of my favourites…



Making mandalas for Nepal earthquake appeal #shaken #nepalquake donate to

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Here is a reaction from a Nepalese man to the project:

Why don’t you get involved? Get creative and show your support by creating a Mandala, posting it on social media with the Hashtag #Shaken explaining why you are doing it (and linking to the DEC). And don’t forget to tweet/share with me so I can post it!

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Water My Pothole Gardens…

People often ask me how they can get involved in the pothole gardener project. I love it when people send me their gardens from all corners of the globe, so please do keep sending them to me!

Now, for those of you that are not so green fingered, there’s another way to get involved.


You can now water my pothole gardens (virtually) by donating to WaterAid through my Just Giving page. By giving just a few quid / dollars, you’ll be encouraging me to get out and continue the project, all while raising money for a great cause.

Check out the page here:



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A little wonder all the way from Ghent…

Check out this wonderful little garden, sent to my by Hans Peter von Transslyvanien.



Keep those gardens coming.

I’ve had a number of emails asking about new gardens – don’t worry I’ve been getting my fingers dirty and I’ll post some pictures soon. I’ve also got a new little project launching on the Pothole Gardener shortly, so stay tuned…


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A Feast of Pothole Gardens

One of my gardens found its way onto the cover of Australian Garden History Magazine…


You can check out the full magazine here. Thanks to the team for the lovely writeup.

Next weekend as part of Feast in West Norwood, I’ve teamed up with the talented folk at The Open Works project to spread the pothole gardening love down the high street with local organisations, and locals!

If you’re interested in coming along to create a garden, there’s more information here. If you’re not quite ready to get your fingers dirty, why not come along to Feast on Sunday and enjoy the atmosphere? (and spot some tiny gardens along the way!)

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Did someone say Wimbledon?

It’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been posting my garden antics with The Chelsea Fringe and The Horniman Museum and Garden on Instagram. Here are some highlights…

Today's pothole garden workshop as part of @thechelseafringe at @hornimanmuseumgardens #chelseafringe2014 #garden

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Two more budding gardeners…

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New pothole gardening recruit Ellie today… @hornimanmuseumgardens @thechelseafringe #chelseafringe2014 #gardendesign

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I’ve also been working on supporting a project I feel really strongly about. Two retired Australians (who happen to be my parents) have setup the first Hip Hop Dance school in Rwanda. With no experience of dance (or anything Hip Hop related) they are making an amazing difference to the community fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS through dance.

The Hip Hop school now organises flash mobs around Rwanda, whereby the dancers attract large crowds in rural villages and then the dancers teach the crowd about HIV/AIDS prevention at the end of their performance. It’s an incredibly inspiring story. We are raising £5,000 so this work can continue. Please have a look at this video and if you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

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