The seeds have been planted!

This week’s sunshine has finally inspired me to get bloggin about my gardening adventures!

What is ‘The Pot Hole Gardener’ all about then? Well it’s a combination of things. My neighbourhood has a disctinct lack of green space; I’m a gardener with no garden. I want to spruce up my ‘hood, be it for just a few colouful moments. After almost falling over walking home with my shopping thanks to a well placed pothole, I’m making it my mission to highlight how crap our roads and footpaths are.

This is a project that’s part creative persuit, part passion and part urban experiment.

Inspired by the Geurilla Gardening gurus, I’m trying to srpuce up East London One pothole at a time.

Join me on my adventure!


2 thoughts on “The seeds have been planted!

  1. The Greatest Statement !! You Have Done Well !!!!

    May All The Potholes Of The World Bloom Because Of You !! Great Work.. I will carry on form my town..
    Eddie F. Tahlequah , OK USA.

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