1st Dig

This morning, I completed my first dig, what a rush! I decided that Davenant St. was an appropriate target. There is a small pothole on the road there I regularly walk past that I figured I could spruce up.

The Target

I decided that I’d create a mini-garden consisting of a little white Primlet, and a pink Dianthus. Nice and simple. I thought the white would look good against the black tar (and be easily seen by motorists) and the pink would spruce it up.

My first pothgole garden!

Davenant St. avec pothole garden!

It went well, very well. It was a huge rush. I was lucky in the fact that no cars came past until after I’d finished and I managed to get a couple of quick snaps…

The vital stats for the dig: 2 plants, 7 cars and 9 strange looks and 1 beautiful pothole.One guy came out of his flat as I was finishing and it made him smile, which indeed made me smile.

My first dig was a success, I’m hooked! It’s just a pity I have to head off to work now…

Until next time!


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