3rd dig

Dig 3 - the site

Dig 3 Planting

Dig 3

Dig 3

Dig 3

Dig 3

Dig 3

Dig 3

Thanks again to Al for these wonderful pictures.

More to come…


4 thoughts on “3rd dig

  1. lovely flowers the idea made me smile it must cost a fortune for the mini gardens to be destoyed in hours.poor plants i say!the council must be shamed into action if only to stop destruction of plants by motorists that will aim for the garden!

  2. We wait for you in Russia because at you “highways” in comparison with ours are expensive simply. p.s. Excuse for my “English”

  3. Thank you very much!!!
    Everything that you do, is wonderful!!!
    It is great idea!
    In Russia it is really very bad roads.
    If we begin to put flowers, our streets become gardens:))

    Excuse for my English

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