2 new digs, 8 & 9!

Yesterday was quite a busy day and I managed to complete 2 new digs, both with some company! It seems that my blog has caught the attention and imagination of the press…it’s been a little overwhelming to say the least.

A BBC news crew joined me on Dig 8. I headed up past Old Street to dig this small pothole. Here’s the finished pothole with the cameraman…

Dig 8 with BBC cameraman!

And the finished pothole about to meet it’s destiny…

Dig 8....almost run over!

Dig 9 was back in my old favourite pothole just off Commercial Street. I was joined by Sally, a lovely journalist from ITV.

Dig 9

These photos aren’t as good as Al’s work, but I’ll keep trying!

If you’re into guerrilla gardening (and into pothole gardening) check out some of my contemporaries work, including 2 more pothole gardeners I’ve come across here!


14 thoughts on “2 new digs, 8 & 9!

  1. Love your work. The news of your efforts has reached us in Australia. It brightened my day just to hear about it. Keep up the great work.

      • Your work was reported in a free newspaper MX which is distributed in the city if Melbourne and us widely read by train commuters. Articles in this paper often make their way into the mainstream news.

        Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

        All the very best.

  2. I thin you are hero! If in my country (Latvia)all hole would be with flowers – we would green country! 🙂

  3. Just read about you in a Russian forum.
    I guess you are famous now 🙂
    Great work and amazing sense of humour!!!!

  4. We need you to come to East Liverpool, Ohio. Some of our streets have messed up so many of our citizens tires and even bent frames. We are having a all class reunion in July. People will be coming back to this town and what will they think whenever they see how bad our roads are. Really, bad! I love the idea but to come to our town you had better bring a simi truck load of flowers. The State of Ohio doesn’t care about this little town to give it money for their streets. Whenever they do patch holes they let the cars smooth over them and then they just become big bumps on the road. We need help and I think your idea would be great for this town. Keep it up. Thanks for the idea.

  5. What a brilliant idea!

    I live in the country (but come from London) very fortunately have my own garden, however when hollyhocks, poppy’s & foxgloves etc have seeded I bag up the seeds and sprinkle them along the rough verges as I walk or drive. The following year the roads I use are full of flowers.

    Keep up the good work

  6. Your project has made it to Kentucky in the United States. Thank you for brightening my dreary dreary work day. I needed to see something this cheerful today! 🙂

    Absolutely adorable.

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