Whitechapel is sporting a new little garden!

My recent little garden is in support of the Aussie Cricket team…

Cricket Anyone?

Cricket Anyone?

I added some Pansies to this garden in support of The Pansy Project. They recently had their facebook page taken down for some unknown reason – to learn more check out their site: The Pansy Project.

I was recently sent these photos too which I wanted to post, check out this great effort from Riga!


4 thoughts on “Whitechapel is sporting a new little garden!

  1. Wow! I am so glad to have found this blog. I live in South Africa where, on some roads, we have something of a pothole problem.
    I am going to go and look for potholes which can have gardens planted in them too.
    Thank you for an awesome idea

      • I certainly shall. I also posted it on my blog with a link to yours – so if anyone else does they may well also post pics. I will forward them to you.
        It’s such a lovely idea

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