A pothole from Mexico

I was recently sent this picture along with the note:

Whilst driving on Mexico’s Yucatan highway 261 between Dzibalchen and Xpuhil in the Campeche region we hit this massive pothole.  As a result we lost our hub cap which after a bit of searching we managed to retreive (along with two others found only metres apart).  I thought this would be a great addition for your site.  I think the pot holes here are more enormous than London can produce.  We were fortunate some of the 3 wheel bikes that are used by the locals to get between their crops / farms and home were not in the oncoming path of our hub cap missile.

Now that is a pothole (with a very artistic head). Thanks so much for sending that to me, I do love getting mail!

Speaking of getting stuff in the mail I was stoked to get a copy of this book recently, and was even more delighted to read a section on my pothole gardening!

The book, Growing Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, and Herbs From Containers is available from Atlantic publishing.


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