My biggest one yet…

Just around the corner of my house, this hole in the pavement has been annoying me…it’s huge, check it out!

It’s so huge, in fact, that I decided I couldn’t tackle it alone, so I enlisted some help! The Homebase team very generously helped me out by supplying all the compost and plants for this dig, my biggest yet!

This must be one of the biggest potholes in London!

pothole gardener homebase

As usual I ended up with a bunch of spectators who were not quite sure how to take the garden in progress!

Pizza delivery guy whizzing past…

From above

Pothole garden homebase

Here’s the final garden.

Stay tuned for my next garden – I’m heading out with my friend Kate from i am not a celebrity and partner in crime in Weather to Wear (our fashion forecast based on the weather) to bring you a Will and Kate royal wedding special!

Thanks again to Homebase, who provided all the tools and materials to create this garden! You can shop online and buy everything you need for your garden (big or small…), from plants and compost through to garden furniture and greenhouses.


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