Confused garden…

I was recently commissioned to create a new little garden for I was over the moon, albeit a little intimidated by the brief – to create a little pothole garden with a road running through it with a little street sign warning of the potholes in the road!

This is by far my most ambitious garden yet.

Armed with some tiny conifers, alpine grass, a Dianthus and some others bits and pieces, I found this pothole just off Valance Road in East London, rolled up my sleeves and began gardening. Enjoy!

I did shoot a short film of the dig and I’ll post it shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Confused garden…

  1. I love your work and what you do… but it also makes me sad, knowing that these plants will be facing a certain death from some maniac who will run them over. It is a brave thing to make the world a more beautiful place, but what about those poor plants. 😉

  2. HI Steve
    (hope I’ve got your name right!) – well, an interesting project, and I hope you got paid for your time, creativity and plants – but like one of the other commenters, it does seem a shame that the plants will face certain death! However, I wanted to comment positively, because I’ve just spent the last 8 weeks in SE London, and yes there are a few potholes, but I’ve just come back to my ‘native’ (well adopted really) city of the last 30 years, and believe me the potholes here are exactly the same ones as 30 years ago, but of course even bigger, far more dangerous for cyclists (and motor cyclists) and now kept company by thousands of siblings – so I am inspired by your work.

    I think I’m going to go out now and from now on, I’m going to draw attention to the dreadful state of the roads – although I think that if I’m going to donate plants, I’ll do it as free-food in places (and at appropriate times).
    Nice work mr mr

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