Some love for London…

London, indeed the UK, needs some love right now. My latest little garden is my loving London garden. There are no props, no chairs, no tennis court, just some good old fashioned love.

A rather perplexed, but happy passer by.

As I was walking around looking for a suitable spot for my garden (yes walking, my replacement bike that my mate Kate gave me was stolen during the riots), I spied this new piece and thought it appropriate for this post.

I also spied some of Pablo Delgado’s street art…love it.


4 thoughts on “Some love for London…

  1. Your little cute gardens are really interesting! I can’t stop myself from scanning more posts and pictures in your blog. I just wonder how it will also look if you put roses (the white one!) in those pot holes. 🙂 I love your idea-definitely interesting!

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