Gardening in India

Most of my little gardens have sprung up around London, specifically East London. On a recent trip to India I couldn’t resist pulling out my trowel and getting my fingers dirty.

I’m not sure what the locals made of it, but it sure made them smile!

I’ve been astounded at the reaction to my little film holes of happiness, I can’t believe we’ve had over 55,000 views already on YouTube!

It’s almost springtime in London – if you’re inspired to create your own pothole garden, please do send me a photo to post here on my blog.

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14 thoughts on “Gardening in India

  1. I adore what you do. I’ve only just come across your little holes of happiness and it’s such a special thing you’re doing. I live East side and haven’t come across any of your creations yet, but I will be wandering the streets with my eyes peeled now. Keep up the beautiful work!

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  3. Hi!! I just find your blog!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! I love what you do!!!
    Really really inspiring!!
    I’m glad to know that there are people like you around the world!

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  5. Delightful Steve! We at Groveflora in India make a similar attempt to revive the gardening spirits of fatigued city dwellers.
    We circulate a free newsletter for our registered members with gardening tips specific to india especially in growing
    organic vegetables in small terraces and balconies!

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