Spring has sprung

Finally it has arrived! To celebrate, I teamed up with Time Out London and (feeling very London-proud) I recreated this famous London Landmark replacing pods with pots!

We chose to garden next to The Ministry Of Defence, not the most inconspicuous of guerilla gardening locations. We had a visit from a lovely policeman who joined us for a while and told us we had made his day! He didn’t quite say he’d join us on our next adventure, but he did remark how the garden put a smile on his face (if only we managed to talk to him for holes of happiness).

Thanks to my nifty team of gardeners/filmmakers who helped put this together – Cheyne, Xavi and Malin. The music track on the video is from my friend Nadia Ackerman, she’s recently released a great album the Ocean Master, go check it out! Thanks also to everyone who helped me brainstorm ideas over on my facebook page for this garden.

Here are a couple more snaps from our adventure…

It’s world water day on the 22nd of March, so spare a thought for the millions of people around the world with no access to clean water next time you’re watering your garden (wherever it may be). Or even better, go check out what they’re up to.

Keep an eye out for my gardens over the next couple of weeks if you’re in London…or I’m on Facebook, youtube and Twitter.


9 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. Great gardening! and like the policeman this made me smile. The video and soundtrack are wonderful. The shot with the sightseeing tour bus is genius. Brilliant. Brilliant Brilliant…. Thanks for sharing…. Best wishes…..

  2. Brilliant video Steve, I was looking forward to seeing how this would look.
    Was great to meet you guys!
    All the best,

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