More of your pothole gardens…

It really feels like winter is almost upon us here in London as the days get shorter and shorter…My little “night garden” that I created in Whitechapel for my film holes of happiness, complete with some outdoor lighting to show off the garden, really feels to me like a cosy little spot to spend a chilly evening in front of the box.


But while the nights get longer in London, there’s no shortage of daylight in Australia. I was sent these wonderful photos of Cheryl and Kody’s recent pothole gardening adventure in Western Australia! – it looks like they had loads of fun!



Henrik Dahle from recently also sent me this one from Australia. It’s so sweet!



Please continue emailing in your pothole gardening pictures! I’ve got a couple of my books to giveaway 🙂

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8 thoughts on “More of your pothole gardens…

  1. Hi there Steve – just read about your work in Gardens Illustrated, although I also remember seeing about it in the run up to Chelsea Flower Show – I love the miniature worlds you create, especially the addition of chairs somehow! It must bring out the dolls-house-loving-6 year-old in me – the borrowers meets horticulture I guess! Keep up the good work! Kind regards and happy gardening, Ursula (some of us with very small gardens feel we have a sort of pot-hole ourselves!)

    • Hi Ursula,
      What a perfect description – “The Borrowers meets horticulture”! I love it! I’ll tell my pothole garden enthusiast daughters this – they are big fans of The Borrowers.

  2. Hello Steve! I read about this on the internet a few days ago and and I just love it! I want to create pothole gardens immediately! 😀 I have also made a tiny garden a year ago (you can see a glimt of it here ) I am going to follow your blog and se what you are up to! I just want to ask if you get any negativ response with your pothole gardens, or do you ask for permission to make them? Greetings from Umea, Sweden!

  3. Hello Steve! I read about your fantastic gardens a week ago and I look forward to read about it in the GI issue. I live in northern part of Sweden, Umea and I have made one small garden ones with my blog-friend and we had so much fun! I want to make pothole gardens too here in my town, at ones, I got so inspired! I just want to ask you if you get any negativ respons or do you always ask for permission to make the small gardens? Have a nice weekend!

  4. Steve I read about your work in the Age odd spot in Melbourne today and had to look you up straight away. Total genius and beautiful! My mum just had an open garden day last week – she worked so hard for 10 years on her garden -basically starting from a weedy paddock – and it is gorgeous, but this shows anyone can make a garden anywhere and that is wonderful.

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