Unestablishment gardening

I was asked by Koppaberg to run a short pothole gardening walk around East London last week as part of their unestablishment series of events.

So last Monday, I set off with some keen gardeners to create some miniature magic…

Andrew came prepared with his own miniature Carp…

Louie got creative with a mini ladder and chalkboard…

The team getting into it on Redchurch Street…

Lights. Camera. Action.



Thanks to Koppaberg for the opportunity to take these guys gardening! Also thanks to Love The Garden for the grow your own supplies.

If you’re feeling inspired, why not get involved in the Chelsea Fringe? Registrations are now open for 2013 here.

I’ve a very exciting announcement to make next week, so stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Unestablishment gardening

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  3. I’ve never quite like this in my entire life! I think that when people think of the word garden, the first thing that comes to mind is vast sprawling land or garden wherein your plants are as big as your dog. But little gardens popping in Europe? It’s awesome! I think that there should be really more people like you who should do this for the world. I hope that you can visit my website too at http://www.socalgreens.com

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