A Little Book Launch…

Last week The Dalston Curve hosted The Little Book of Little Gardens book launch.

The event was not only a celebration for the release of the book (and a chance to thank all the people who I have collaborated with on the project) it was also an opportunity for me to see how I could get people interacting and engaging with my little gardens in different ways.

There was a giant green screen, whereby people could pose in some of the gardens from the book (with oversized props of course!). Check out what people got up to…

There was also the cycle cinema, a movie screen which is powered by two fixed cycles. Thank goodness for a few keen cyclists who powered the screen for most of the evening! The screen featured images of gardens that have been submitted to the blog of the past few weeks, intercut with wonderful poetry by Yasmin Ali Khan and Shama Ali Khan from Litterapture. Here is a small collection, check it out!

There was also some wonderful theatre by Gabby, Steph and Janie including some pothole performance art and a Columbia Road Market Seller’s appearance!

Goodie bags had treats from Sow Gourmet, as well as a miniature prop or two (of course), wood fired pizza was cooked by the tasty and talented Richo, and live music was provided by Jaimie Tullo.

A percentage of all book sales on the night went to help this great theatre group: www.troupel.co.uk

Thanks to everyone who helped out making the book such a success, especially all those people who have had kind words to say about my work in the past. A special thanks to Kate McAuley who made a lovely speech and of course wrote the foreword.

The event couldn’t have been such a success without the help of these wonderful people: Natalie Reiss, Graham, Adam, Alex Davis, Jenny Collins, Maia Lloyd, Gabby and Steph, Peter Richardson, Thom Harvey, Jaimie, Jainie, Yasmin Al Khan, Sharma Al Khan, Judit Sarosi-Eotvos, Kate McAuley, Mandy Wheen, Jo McNally, Verity Dephoff, Emma-Jayne Barclay, Jermaine Belgrave, Cheyne McCorkindale, Team Turnaround, Dokument Press and of course Marie and the fabulous team at The Dalston Curve.


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