Czech-ing out the potholes in Prague…


I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at TEDxPrague recently. The theme of the conference was Crossing Borders and I was able to show all of the wonderful pothole gardens I’ve been sent, with the new the world pothole garden map. I talked about creativity and how good it feels to get out there and create something – even if it’s as tiny and ephemeral as a pothole garden.

The other speakers were truly inspiring – from an ex-sex industry worker, to a career wedding guest, an Iceland marathon runner, and a scientist working out ways to store files in our DNA – the event was a great success. There was even a stilt walking circus during one of the breaks – amazing.



I managed some time to create a little garden on Marla Strana, near the famous Charles Bridge. We had some classic reactions from passers by.





Thanks again to the TEDxPrague team and the people of Praha for letting me experience your vibrant city.

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8 thoughts on “Czech-ing out the potholes in Prague…

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