Water My Pothole Gardens…

People often ask me how they can get involved in the pothole gardener project. I love it when people send me their gardens from all corners of the globe, so please do keep sending them to me!

Now, for those of you that are not so green fingered, there’s another way to get involved.


You can now water my pothole gardens (virtually) by donating to WaterAid through my Just Giving page. By giving just a few quid / dollars, you’ll be encouraging me to get out and continue the project, all while raising money for a great cause.

Check out the page here: https://www.justgiving.com/the-pothole-gardener/



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2 thoughts on “Water My Pothole Gardens…

  1. When we tried to donate the other night our Westpac card got blocked!!

    We have finally made a donation but with Westpac breathing down my neck over the phone I didn’t get to put in comments!!

    I had planned to write –

    ‘Your horticultural skills and talent never cease to amaze us!’

    David and Mandy

    So if you can insert please do so!!


    Mandy Wheen

    14 Darke Street

    TORRENS ACT 2607

    Ph 02 6286 3164

  2. What a good Idea! Here in western germany are a lot of streets whit more holes then street. When I plant them all with vegetables I can get a lot of money by selling it! 😉

    OK, that was just a joke. But the nice little gardens I found on your blog are not a joke and very amazing.


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